Leadership Unscripted is more than an event. It’s a PLACE where InspireCIO members connect with members from your chapter and members from other InspireCIO chapters.
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Why Leadership Unscripted?

One of the challenges of this COVID era is separation and isolation from friends and colleagues, especially spontaneous interactions at events, dinners, and travel. Working from home separates us from people we know – and opportunities to meet people we don’t know.

Under the current circumstances, the places to refresh and build relationships are missing from our lives. CIOs need a non-commercial place to connect, invest in relationships and grow your network of friends and colleagues.

Relationships = Leadership Advantage

Leadership Unscripted is where InspireCIO members connect with members from your chapter and members from other InspireCIO chapters. Through regular, compelling, members-only interaction and engagement with CIOs you know – and those you don’t – these strategic relationships create leadership advantage.

Every program features an inspiring 15-minute leadership keynote, but the majority of time is dedicated to member-led table conversations. The topic will always be leadership, and the goal will always be to inspire CIOs to achieve your leadership potential.

Upcoming Programs

Meet us at Leadership Unscripted every other Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 a.m. PT

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Maryann Byrdak

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What is Imaginate?

Imaginate, the ORBIE virtual platform, is an online experience where attendees interact and engage around tables with others – just like in-person events.

What is a virtual table experience like?

Every table is multi-person video call and all event participants experience shared program content together. Attendees see and hear the reactions of other guests at tables throughout the program, and during breaks, guests may engage in conversations or move around between tables to say hello to other guests. The virtual experience fosters social connections, facilitates relationships, all while experiencing a live event simultaneously with others.

Why does interaction with others matter?

Attending a live event must be more than watching a video stream. Anyone can watch YouTube videos or Netflix documentaries on their own. Great live events are relational and create community as attendees hear, see and experience other attendees react to the program together. This interactive experience is not possible with most online event platforms.

What kind of software do I need to join the event?

Leadership Unscripted is hosted on the virtual ORBIE platform, which runs directly in a web browser. While no special software is required, the platform works best on Windows or Mac using the Chrome browser and headphones/airpods are recommended to avoid audio echo at your table.

Use Gear Test to confirm your browser, webcam, and audio work properly.

Can I join the event from my mobile device?

Using a mobile device like smartphone or tablet is possible, but the interactive experience is limited without a mouse. The best experience is using a desktop or laptop computer.

What if I have technical issues during the event?

Experiencing echoes? Can’t hear the other people talking? Not seeing the table or person you’re looking for? First, self-test using Gear Test. But live assistance is available during the event by searching for "Help Desk" in the chat.

What if I have trouble joining the event?

Join the event with the same email address used to register for the program. If you are still unable to access the event, use the chat button on this page to contact our help desk.

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