It’s More Than An Event…It’s a Place. Meet You There!

Connecting, Recognizing, and Inspiring

Quarterly National Member Program

Leadership Unscripted is Inspire’s quarterly national program where members connect, build relationships and meet technology leaders from chapters across the country.

Members interact in the Imaginate digital experience where CIOs & CISOs from 25 chapters can move around, find and chat with other members and be inspired by member interviews, unscripted table conversations, panel discussions, and insider updates on Inspire programs, news, & announcements.

What to Expect at Leadership Unscripted

Leadership Unscripted is a member-led virtual program that takes place quarterly at 12:00 ET.

Member Interviews

Be inspired by conversations with technology leaders sharing their real life experiences and wisdom forged from years of leadership and problem solving.

Panel Discussions

Engage with a live panel of Inspire peers discussing timely and relevant topics.

Table Conversations

Connect face-to-face with your CIO & CISO peers from across the country in live table conversations.

Insider Updates

Pull back the curtain and hear about Inspire member events & announcements taking place across the 25 local chapters.

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At the Next Leadership Unscripted…

Tuesday, February 7, 12pm EST
National ORBIE Awards - Finalist Event
Panel Discussion Featuring 2022 National ORBIE Winners
Andrew Brock

Andrew Brock

Corporate Winner
Anita Klopfenstein

Anita Klopfenstein

Enterprise Winner
Little Caesars Enterprises
Kim Hales

Kim Hales

Large Enterprise Winner
NRG Energy
Melanie Kalmar

Melanie Kalmar

Super Global Winner

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Leadership Unscripted is more than an event…it’s a PLACE. Meet you there!

The InspireCIO Podcast - Connecting, Recognizing and Inspiring CIOs

The Inspire Podcast highlights members of the Inspire Leadership Network, giving these technology leaders a platform to share their journey – diving deep into their philosophies, professional struggles and greatest triumphs. The topic is always leadership and the goal is always to inspire technology leaders to achieve their leadership potential.

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