Next Generation CIO
Empowering leaders with a proven framework and essential skills to position their company for long-term competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Over the past five decades, IT has moved from a back-office function to a driver of growth and change.

These leaders must be able to create long-term business strategies, plan for unexpected opportunities, respond to disruption, architect solutions, prepare to innovate at speed and scale, communicate their vision across the enterprise, and implement technological change. Achieving this level of agility requires understanding three essential outcomes - business, architecture, and productivity. Making it happen requires leadership.

Next Generation CIO (NGC) is a unique program to assist business and IT leaders in transforming their organizations. NGC utilizes Transformation Leadership Development (TLD) which is an intensive program that empowers leaders with a proven framework and the essential skills to position their company for long-term competitiveness and sustainable growth.

NGC is not a solo mission

Attendance by two or more members of the same organization is required. This is encouraged to strengthen learning and to provide a shared language to achieve successful business outcomes.

The Program

Three Day In-Person Experience
Virtual Live Sessions
Self-Paced Learning
Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving

Three Day In-Person Experience

The three day, in-person experience includes interactive workshops, small group discussions, coaching, team building activities, and collegial relationship building opportunities with other IT leaders within the InspireCIO network.

Virtual Live Sessions

A set of virtual sessions with interactive group discussions on the Imaginate platform. These sessions explore a framework for digital transformation.

Self-Paced Learning

On demand Masterclass sessions, selected reading, and lunch and learn opportunities are layered throughout the program.

Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving

Working in cohorts and subgroups, participants address real-time challenges and cultivate ongoing relationships.

Program Outcomes

Learn a Common Language

Discuss contemporary and complex issues within your organization.

Explore the Interconnectedness of IT Transformation Models

The Business Model, the Business Systems Model, and the Technology Systems Model

Examine Case Studies

Participate in activities illustrating how to pick the “right fight”, set the agenda, and develop a compelling story to paint the vision required for an IT-enabled business transformation.

Discover the Building Blocks of the Transformation

The Organization Model, the Economic Model, and the Operating Model.

Learn to Reposition Your Organization

Deliver new capabilities at a higher velocity, in a quality manner, while managing costs and eliminating bureaucracy.

Leadership Focus

Throughout the program there is a leadership focus to encourage strategic dialogue with business partners while guiding technology teams to success.

Program Facilitators

NGC is lead and facilitated by Charlie Feld, former CIOs who have held roles in major global corporations, and industry expert guest speakers.

Charlie Feld
Charlie Feld, Founder and CEO of The Feld Group Institute and 2-time ORBIE Award winner

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