The answer is in the room. Are you?
Joining InspireCIO is a decision to join lifelong learners - leading CIOs committed to personal, professional and community leadership excellence. The heart of InspireCIO is the value of membership in a local chapter, with access to thought-leaders across the United States.

This is not a
business card
exchange group

CIO-led, non-commercial chapter programs provide ongoing opportunities to foster relationships where conversations begin and members are known and get to know other CIO members. Networking events can be shallow and transactional, but having a network of trusted CIO relationships can move mountains.

While technology moves quickly and every organization is unique, CIOs face common challenges. Joining and engaging in a peer leadership network with C-Suite colleagues from diverse industries working on similar problems is one of the best investments your organization can make in CIO leadership and management effectiveness.

your team

InspireCIO members are equipped to develop their next generation of leaders. CIO members have regular opportunities to bring a guest to “plus one” programs, priority access to inspire your team at the ORBIE Awards and invest in their leadership journey through Inspire Leadership Academy.

There’s no textbook that tells you how to be a great CIO. The best way you can learn and keep up with what’s going on is to talk to your peers and share best practices.”
Becky Blalock, CIO (ret), Southern Company

Become a
preeminent leader

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. In any gathering of InspireCIO members, the project one CIO is about to start has likely been completed by another. The answer is in the room...are you?


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